Preparing to pass to state exam is easier than you think…

Many examinees do not pass due to one simple issue! NO matter how they study, and  how long they study, nothing they do will help. When examinees receive tutoring they will attempt to pass, although if the tutor did not address the issue, examinees will Fail there exam.

Many examinees are unaware of the issue that is stopping them. They think they are prepared, they study many hours and they will take the test thinking they are prepared. What they do not realize is one thing that is stopping them is past experiences of failing exams or not doing good in school! Some even think that they are too old it has been too long since they were in school. Those thoughts and feelings are an expression of the subconscious.

When taking the state exam, examinees will experience anxiety caused by the past experiences. The past experience has created a negative emotional anchor , and when taking exams, the emotions of the past experience is brought to the present moment. Doubts and fear will be guiding them subconsciously. Most examinees will never know that this is going on because it is at the subconscious level. Unless this is addressed the examinees may continue to fail the exam.

Preparing to pass the state exam is easier than you think when you address the subconscious issues. Past experiences have created a Belief or disbelief  in ones ability to pass. Be true to yourself, if you truly believe in yourself you will pass. If you have a disbelief, you will be challenged and you may not pass. So you must be honest if you have a disbelief in yourself, then you must address it by asking for coaching.


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Before you begin Studying…

Before we begin Studying it is imperative that we first follow these guidelines.

  • Create the physical study environment where there are no Distractions. (Maybe go to Quick Learning School Branch office or nearest library)
  • Turn cell phones off or mute. DO NOT ANSWER CELL PHONES- This takes you away from the Energy of Learning and will distract you!  (Change your greeting to share with the world what you are up to, when you share with the world the world will support you.)
  • Create study environment in your mind.
  • DO a mental download and clear all the clutter in your mind. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down whatever comes to mind for 3 minutes. Keep this page beside you and when you have something that comes to your mind while your studying that distracts you be sure to download -write it down on that page. (Remember by downloading it to paper it frees the mind to not think about it and when you’re done studying you  can go back to it) this will allow you to keep the space clear and focus on the material you are studying.
  • Focus your energy on what you want by using Affirmations: I will pass the First Time!  I remember this! I am Prepared! This is easy!  …
  • Take Regular Breaks- this is extremely important. Breaks are necessary part of the studying process and allow the mind to “file” information properly. Drink water, go for a walk, do jumping jacks, stretch, etc.
  • It is imperative that you serve your modality of learning. Everyone learns in different ways. However, there are three main modes that we use when we learn. Which are:
  • Visual
  • Kin-esthetic
  • Auditory
  • Next  will discuss the most important facts you need to know about each modality of learning. It is Important to Decide which one you find more effective for you and serve that modality. Our Trainers use Accelerated Learning Techniques which serves all modalities of learning, which essentially is why our classroom students pass the first time. We prepare each student by serving their modality of learning.

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Successful Examinees are Focused

It is not a mystery, Successful Examinees are Focused.

The question is what are they focusing on?

Focus is imperative to any goal you set for yourself.

What you Focus on Expands.

If you Focus on Passing you will Pass.

If you Focus on: This test is hard, the test will be hard.

If you focus on What if I Fail? You will Fail.

Focus on what you Want! Pass! Pass! Pass!

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